Photography, Editorial Design, Print

This project is a redesign of James Joyce’s short stories, Dubliners. Similar to his writing, this book redesign calls attention to everyday objects paired with ordinary scenes to give an intimate look into the lives of each character and allows the reader to connect personally with these stories

Throughout his short stories James Joyce calls attention to everyday objects. These seemingly unremarkable items gain meaning and importance and illustrate the routines we experience. This collection of found objects from bus transfer tickets to a squished pack of cigarettes reflect our daily lives and provide an intimate glimpse into our character. Each chapter begins with a portrait, setting a visual for the character in the story.

Images throughout the book are black and white forcing the viewer to analyze the core subject of the image as tones, textures, shapes, light play, and shadows become more apparent when the element of color is removed. The pairing of ordinary scenes and everyday objects give a sense of realism to the subjects in the stories and allow us to connect with the characters as they experience the familiar struggles of love, life, and death.